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Learning to a Higher Power



  Name Title Group Contact
Beverly Allen Allen, Beverly Social Studies Secondary Staff
Wayne Allen Allen, Wayne Social Studies, Athletics Secondary Staff
James Appleton Appleton, James Director of Maintenance Support Personel
Denise Bahr Bahr, Denise Kitchen Staff Support Personel
Sarah Baney Baney, Sarah 3rd Grade ELA and Social Studies Elementary Staff
Marie Barringer Barringer, Marie Food Service Manager Support Personel
Brandon Boyd Boyd, Brandon Director of Information Technology Support Personel
Tami Campbell Campbell, Tami 1st Grade Teacher Elementary Staff
Andrea Carrier Carrier, Andrea 5th/6th Grade Social Studies Elementary Staff
Courtney Clark Clark, Courtney Kindergarten Teacher Elementary Staff
Pat Cullum Cullum, Pat Librarian Elementary Staff, Secondary Staff
Sara Cummins Cummins, Sara Elementary Principal Administration, Elementary Staff
Stacey Cutbirth Cutbirth, Stacey Mathematics, Bible Secondary Staff
Virginia Cutbirth Cutbirth, Virginia Elementary Music Elementary Staff
Louette de Jager de Jager, Louette Science, Yearbook Advisor Secondary Staff
Alison DeLong DeLong, Alison History, Bible Secondary Staff
Laura Dodd Dodd, Laura Elementary Art Elementary Staff
Jessica Dorough Dorough, Jessica 4th Grade ELA and Social Studies Elementary Staff
Tera Dudley Dudley, Tera Bible, English, History, Yearbook Secondary Staff
Catherine Eggers Eggers, Catherine 1st Grade Teacher Elementary Staff
JaeAngelia Evans Evans, JaeAngelia Secondary Technology Secondary Staff
Jeff Evans Evans, Jeff Athletic Director Support Personel
Jamie Ferguson Ferguson, Jamie Workroom Aide Office Personel
Shannon Fox Fox, Shannon Bible, English, Theater Arts Secondary Staff
Lisa Hancock Hancock, Lisa 5th/6th Grade ELA Elementary Staff
Carolyn Hansen Hansen, Carolyn College Guidance Counselor Secondary Staff
Lisa Hassler Hassler, Lisa Choir Director Secondary Staff
Lisa Holm Holm, Lisa Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Elementary Staff
Angela Howard Howard, Angela Clinic Aide Office Personel
Letitia Jones Jones, Letitia ECC Aide Elementary Staff, Support Personel
Cathy Kennedy Kennedy, Cathy 3rd Grade Math and Science Elementary Staff
Laura Kumpula Kumpula, Laura Receptionist Office Personel
Patty Lewis Lewis, Patty Administrative Assistant Office Personel
Sarah Long Long, Sarah 2nd Grade ELA and Social Studies Elementary Staff
Samantha Malak Malak, Samantha Cougar Care Assistant Elementary Staff, Support Personel
Kay McMullin McMullin, Kay Cougar Care Director Elementary Staff, Support Personel
Danette Merryfield Merryfield, Danette 5th/6th Grade Math Elementary Staff
Jennifer Miller Miller, Jennifer Office Manager, Financial Secretary Office Personel
Randi Nabors Nabors, Randi Librarian Elementary Staff
Kelli Noriega Noriega, Kelli Director of Admissions Office Personel
Cori Owens Owens, Cori English, Bible Secondary Staff
Anne Patterson Patterson, Anne Kindergarten Teacher Elementary Staff
Andy Penland Penland, Andy Science, Bible Secondary Staff
Courtney Penland Penland, Courtney Math, Bible Secondary Staff
Dathan Petruccio Petruccio, Dathan Secondary Principal Administration, Secondary Staff
Lynn Peverill Peverill, Lynn Secondary Art Secondary Staff
Jill Pratt Pratt, Jill Bible, English, Mathematics, Newsletter Secondary Staff
Dr. Randy Reedy Reedy, Dr. Randy Math, Health Secondary Staff
Tamara Reese Reese, Tamara English, Psychology, Sociology Secondary Staff
Diane Severson Severson, Diane Speech, Science, Athletics Secondary Staff
Dr. Glenn Slater Slater, Dr. Glenn Head Administrator Administration
Karina Snider Snider, Karina Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Elementary Staff
Patrick Stubbs Stubbs, Patrick PE Coach Elementary Staff, Secondary Staff
Melanie Thompson Thompson, Melanie Elementary Technology Elementary Staff
Amber Van Bruaene Van Bruaene, Amber 4th Grade Math and Science Elementary Staff
Melissa Wall Wall, Melissa 5th/6th Grade Science Elementary Staff
Susan Watson Watson, Susan 2nd Grade Math and Science Elementary Staff
Pam Wong Wong, Pam Spanish Secondary Staff