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Learning to a Higher Power


"Setting a Standard - Focusing on the Inner Person"

Standardized dress can promote unity among students, harmony in the classroom, and an orderly, respectful image to the public.  Even though we are more concerned about matters of the heart than outward appearance, we believe that a person's appearance is a reflection of the inner being.  Therefore, Covenant Christian School (CCS) strives to focus on the qualities of the "inner person."  The school wardrobe is based on modesty, cleanliness, neatness, and safety.  It applies when a student is on campus, as well as at all school functions.  Students must be in compliance from the time they arrive on campus to the time they depart.  Deviations from the code must be pre-approved by the administration.  The administration will have the final decision should a questionable situation arise.

See Elementary/Secondary Student Handbooks and select Appearance Code in the table of contents for specific details.