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Learning to a Higher Power



Spelling Bee is for students in 1st through 6th grades.

For more information, please contact Tami Campbell

She won the 2A TAPPS Spelling Bee.
What an accomplishment Grace, we are so proud of you.



To provide incentives for students to develop skills necessary for Christian leadership.
To facilitate students’ learning process.
To help develop the skills to be an effective communicator.
To provide a gauge to determine how effectively each school has prepared students in these activities.
To provide a degree of competition to develop participants’ composure and confidence.
To provide for a time of fun and fellowship with other Christian young people.

The ACSI Student Activities Program seeks to encourage and inspire students toward a standard of excellence in leadership, communication, and performance by enhancing member Christian schools’ academic and fine arts programs. It provides opportunity for students to practically apply and develop skills necessary for confident Christian leadership. Each activity is planned to impact students’ educational and spiritual growth, encouraging them to be a testimony to the gospel . Events also seek to provide opportunity for Christian fellowship and positive interaction between students and teachers of participating schools.

Schools begin their participation at the school level, which impacts the highest number of students. As students progress to the district and regional levels, they are challenged by interaction with students of similar interests and abilities. Parents, friends, and the general public benefit from the ministry of these students in music, speech, and academic programs.

The awards program for ACSI Student Activities affirms each participant’s individual effort while recognizing those whose skill and ability provide an inspiration and a challenge to excellence for all who participate