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Learning to a Higher Power



The coaches here at Covenant Christian School want your scholastic/athletic career to be more than just fun and games. This is our ministry; God uses everything in our lives, including athletics, for His purpose. We want to "develop the spiritual part of the athlete so that the Holy Spirit is in control and is directing the mind and body"

“Cougar" Character Qualities

The strength of our athletics program lies in the ability to develop character traits that honor God and give a witness to those who watch us. We want to strive to enforce these areas in our lives.

Dependability - be at all practices and contests unless excused by your coach. Do what is expected of you in all situations.

Punctuality - be on time, never late!

Love - be self-sacrificing and show a real concern for team members, coaches and opponents. Remember, Christ centered His love upon others, not Himself.

Enthusiasm - take an interest in every part of your sport and be glad to quickly carry out every part of the job. This includes being a good cheerleader when you are not playing (I Thess. 5:16).

Faith - show that you know the Lord is in control of all circumstances and He is carrying out His will in your life. (Hebrews 11:1)

Humility - show forth the attitude that God is the one responsible for your abilities, talents and success.

Endurance - you must be able to withstand the stress, hard work and the problems that all Christian athletes experience. We want you to do your best at all times, in the classroom and on the athletic field.

Boldness - be ready to boldly express what Jesus Christ has done for you. The Christian athlete cannot be one who is timid or gives up. (Acts 4:29)

Diligence - use all your strength and ability to complete each part of your task whether in practice, in a game or anywhere else. (Col. 3:23)

Responsibility - athletes need to do everything that is expected of them. Coaches need to know that athletes are capable of doing things without direct supervision. Take the initiative to work and make intelligent decisions.

Determination - make up your mind you will accomplish God's goals in His time, regardless of the opposition. (II Timothy 4:7)

Joyfulness - show that your relationship with Christ means something wonderful to you.

Confidence  - athletes should know that they can be winners in God's sight as they totally give all they have to Jesus.

Intensity - We want our athletes to display “TOTAL RELEASE”, give everything you have at all times, focusing your total attention upon the job at hand and putting forth your every effort to complete it perfectly. You are playing for Jesus Christ and for Him only!

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