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Why Choose A Christian School, Part 2

August 25, 2015
By Dr. Glenn Slater

In part two of my series of “Why choose a Christian school,” I want to address some additional objections I have heard over the years from critics of this movement.  As stated last time, hopefully this will provide answers that you can give to friends and family who might question your decision to send your kids to CCS. 

Christian education may be fine for a few years, but at a certain age it’s best to let children decide for themselves where they want to go to school.  I hear this on occasion and while I agree that when children reach a certain age, they should be able to discuss and give input to you in regard to their education.  However, it still needs to be a parent decision.  If we just let our kids decide, then we are saying that we are letting our immature children choose where they will spend the majority of their day, and who their peers and adult leaders will be each day. Remember, according to scripture, the education of children is a parent responsibility.  You must stand before God and give an account of what you did for your kids. When it comes to their education, are you going to say to God that you let your children make this decision?

Attending a Christian school is not necessary; church and a godly home are adequate for the Christian education of children.  With this argument, consider the numbers.  In a week, kids will spend perhaps around 4-5 hours max in church.  They will spend a minimum of 35-40 hours a week in school and additional hours around peers.  Are you willing to give up control of that much time in their week? A good Christian school will partner with you, be an extension of your Christian home, and provide continuity in their lifestyle and development of the worldview they will carry as an adult someday.

At Covenant, we are committed to joining with you in producing young people who will be distinctive and make a difference for Jesus Christ in the world as adults.


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What is Christian Education

August 20, 2015
By Dathan Petruccio

This simple question was asked of me recently, and while I responded, I was left wondering if I answered the question completely. I came to the conclusion that the answer was much deeper than I initially expressed. The word “Christian”, obviously comes from the name “Christ”, which has the meaning of anointing. So, to say Covenant is a Christian school, expresses that we are a school that has been anointed by God. This anointing happens through the Holy Spirit, so a Christian school is one that has been set apart, or consecrated by the Holy Spirit.  That is a high honor which we should take seriously, and since God has anointed this school, it is His and He is in charge.

As the high school principal, this is a great revelation and a blessing. To know that God has anointed this school, also means that He is in charge of its success. This summer, as we were looking for new teachers, I was comforted by the knowledge that God was leading (or anointing) those who He wanted to be part of Covenant Christian School. The name of our school, serves a purpose other than just distinguishing us from the schools nearby. It is a reminder that God has purposely set us apart and given us His anointing to teach and do His will on earth.   

Why Choose A Christian School, Part I

August 18, 2015
By Dr. Glenn Slater
All of us involved in Christian education face questions from time to time.  The questions may come from family members or friends. Frequently, these questions focus around why we choose to put our children in a Christian school.  Over the years, I have heard numerous objections to this choice that we make, so for the next few blogs, I thought I would present to you some common objections posed by critics and give a response. Hopefully, this will help you in answering the inevitable challenges that will come. And it may even help you with doubts you have.  So here are the first two I’d like to present:
  • Students in a Christian school are too sheltered from the world and it’s better to have them face the real world.  First of all, anyone that says this obviously doesn’t realize that Christian schools face plenty of “real world” issues. None of us are perfect. On the other hand, I do believe that Christian schools shield kids and honestly, I make no apologies for this. Have you seen the world outside of the Christian school lately? Do you really want your kids being exposed to the world as such a tender age? These days children are already being exposed to way too much adult issues before they are ready.  It all comes down to preparation. All of our children will eventually face the “real world”.  The question is, “how well prepared do you want your kids to be?” 
  • Christian education is only needed in the elementary grades to provide a foundation.  Again, how well prepared do you want your child to be? Do we think that the temptations and peer pressure are going to lessen when they enter junior high or high school?  In over 30 years in this business, I have come to even greater convictions about the need for Christian education in the upper grades because it is truly in those secondary education years that students  begin to shape their beliefs and decide who they really are.  They also develop deeper and more complex relationships with peers, especially members of the opposite sex. During these years of growing independence, who do you want their peers to be?  What kind of adult leaders do you want around your teenager for the majority of their day?  The foundation we want to build for our kids should be consistent in grades K-12.  This is critical for their future as adults. 

Next week, I will continue with more answers to common objections.  I hope this will equip you with good responses and also give you peace of mind.


A New Era

August 09, 2015
By Dr. Glenn Slater
Welcome to a new year at Covenant Christian School!  We are so excited to begin the 34th year of ministry to these precious children who have been entrusted to us as educators and parents. On the eve of what I believe is start of a new era for our school, I want to share with you my convictions about this very basic question:  
Why should we even have a Christian school? 
1.) First of all, God commands it.  Education is actually mentioned very little in the Bible, but one thing is clear – God expects us to educate our children in His ways.  
Several passages confirm this such as in Deuteronomy 6 where parents are told to “Love their Lord their God with all their heart, soul and strength,” and then goes on to say, “Impress these truths on your children.  Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”   Psalm 78:4 also says, “We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord.”
There’s no mention of algebra or language arts or science in an educational sense, but our Father does make it abundantly clear that teaching about Him is the most important priority in the education of children.  Remember that Jeremiah said that we should not boast in wisdom or strength but rather should boast in the fact that we know Him.  So, as we begin this new era we all need to recognize that by our presence here and by making the sacrifices we do, we are carrying out a very important command of God.  
2.) Second, we have Christian schools because God expects excellence.  We serve the Almighty God of the universe that is perfect in every way and has a perfect plan for this world.  He is excellent.  
And, as His followers, we want to reflect an excellent God to an unbelieving world.  Hence, if education of children is a priority to God, then it should be excellent.  We at CCS will strive in every way to be an excellent school for a variety of reasons, but at its core, we want to be an institution that reflects our excellent God.  Psalm 145:3-4 – “Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.”
3.) Third, we have Christian schools because parents today desperately need our help. Scripture has given parents a clear mandate to educate their kids, but how can they accomplish this when the present culture is so against Christian values?  Over the years, I have met so many parents today who, more than anything else, want their children to know the absolute truth, to be strong against the onslaught of the world, and to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
From time to time, I have people say to me that the Christian school shields children from the real world.  Anyone who says this obviously has no real experience in a Christian school, because if they did, they would know that we have our share of problems like any school.  But, beyond that, I tell people that God and Christian parents have both entrusted CCS with impressionable little ones who are being molded in a way that will impact them for their rest of their lives.  SO, I make no apologies for shielding kids from the outside world.  Have you looked at the outside world lately??  All of our children will face “the world” someday.  It’s just a matter of how much preparation we are going to give them.  
Parents want more than just a Christian pre-school or Christian elementary school.  They want a PK-12 Christian school, as this provides the most comprehensive preparation for students who will live in a lost, sinful world.   
4.) Lastly, we need Christian schools because we owe it to these precious children and teenagers.  I’ve already made reference to this, but we all know the world in which these children are growing up in is very different than the world we grew up in.   Relativism, entitlement, and an indifference to Christian values are commonplace for the kids of the 21st century.  There is a blurriness in the world – blurry lines in religion, blurry lines in morals, blurry lines in sexuality, and blurry lines in the democratic ideals of our founders. 
Only in a Christian school can we tell them that there is absolute truth and there is salvation for their eternal souls found in Jesus Christ.  We can truly teach them how to live with the love of God while simultaneously standing up for what is right and opposing what is wrong.  We can help them to make right choices in life and relationships and we can help them to see that God is plainly evident in mathematics, science, history, literature and the arts. 
But beyond all of this, what else can the Christian school uniquely provide for these children that we owe so much to?
Let me suggest 2 final things:  
  • First, we owe it to these children to provide JOY.  There is much in their world that is unpleasant, sad, angry or even scary.  We can provide joy to them and it is a joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.  In the midst of uncertain and dangerous times, we can laugh with them and give them a smile despite what’s going on in the world.  We can be joyful because we serve a risen Savior who is on the throne.  In 2015 these kids need to hear the words of the apostle Paul when he says “Rejoice always!”  
  • Second, in the Christian school we can also provide HOPE for our kids. We have the truth and we know who reigns and we know who will have the ultimate victory.  These children and teenagers will feel blessed and secure if they are around hopeful people every day.  In their relativistic, blurry secular world, there is no hope.  Men will let you down – but only in a Christian school can we consistently experience the hope that the students need as they grow up, leave our homes, and live as adult believers.  Hebrews 7 says that “our hope is an anchor for the soul.”
This new year and new era is commencing with a great spirit of enthusiasm. As parents and teachers, we are all engaged in a significant work of the Lord that will extend way beyond our lives and further God’s kingdom.  All of us at Covenant Christian School appreciate you and thank you for this opportunity to be your partners.  In 2015-2016, we pledge ourselves to work tirelessly in this task.  Our kids deserve it!
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Partnership with Parents

July 18, 2015
By Dr. Glenn Slater

For children, an education consists of a variety of experiences and values that your child will encounter in 13 years of schooling.  It is more than merely academics. In a given day, a child will spend as many hours around their teachers and peers as they do around their parents.  Church attendance constitutes approximately 4 hours a week for most children, by contrast they spend close to 40 hours a week at school.  Covenant Christian School is committed to providing not only sound academics, but a deep dedication to developing Christian character in the lives of students that will last for an eternity.  Why CCS? The stakes are too high for our most prized possession, our children. 

The staff and faculty of CCS understand the eternal impact of partnering with Christian parents in this important endeavor of preparing students for life, college, missions, discipleship, and employment. This is a journey we all value and are thankful to be a part of.

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