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What is Christian Education

August 20, 2015
By Dathan Petruccio

This simple question was asked of me recently, and while I responded, I was left wondering if I answered the question completely. I came to the conclusion that the answer was much deeper than I initially expressed. The word “Christian”, obviously comes from the name “Christ”, which has the meaning of anointing. So, to say Covenant is a Christian school, expresses that we are a school that has been anointed by God. This anointing happens through the Holy Spirit, so a Christian school is one that has been set apart, or consecrated by the Holy Spirit.  That is a high honor which we should take seriously, and since God has anointed this school, it is His and He is in charge.

As the high school principal, this is a great revelation and a blessing. To know that God has anointed this school, also means that He is in charge of its success. This summer, as we were looking for new teachers, I was comforted by the knowledge that God was leading (or anointing) those who He wanted to be part of Covenant Christian School. The name of our school, serves a purpose other than just distinguishing us from the schools nearby. It is a reminder that God has purposely set us apart and given us His anointing to teach and do His will on earth.   

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