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Be An Example

December 11, 2015
By Covenant Christian School
CCS 4th graders are living this verse out. 
We are sure proud of them!

Last week in Mrs. Scheler's 4th grade class they were sharing prayer requests and one student, Hayden mentioned knowing someone who recently had their home destroyed by a fire.

Mrs. Scheler took that opportunity to mention that she might have some things to donate to the individual.  This spurred on another student, Ali who asked if they could gather items as a class to help this family in need.  Ali herself brought in books, a sweet note and bag of items to donate to this family.

Mrs. Scheler was so impressed with Ali's heart to serve and the class all agreed that they'd like to do something to help.  After further inquiries into this unfortunate event, she discovered there were children also affected by the fire that destroyed the home.  Two more students; Faith & Grace stepped up to help and brought in two bags full of items! 

Their class is joining together to bring in donations next week too.  These sweet children truly are "doers of the Word"!  They see a need and have acted on it with hearts to serve and share God's love.

Way to go 4th grade Cougars!  

You make us proud.

Remembering Our Veterans

November 11, 2015
By Patty Lewis

In honor of Veterans Day, second grade Covenant students were given the assignment to write about family members or friends who currently serve or who have served in the United States military. Most students have family with military backgrounds or have family currently serving in various banches of the military. 

In addition, second grade teachers Tricia Thompson and Susan Watson used Veterans Day as an opportunity to teach students about the meaning behind the holiday. Students discussed the array of jobs within the military and imagined how carrying out those duties may affect those who serve. 
They naturally began thinking about the difficulties service members face and wanted to know how they could pray for them.  Prayers for protection, bravery, courage, strength, encouragement, success, safety, and healing topped the list of requests students felt they could bring to the Lord on behalf of our military.  
The red, white, and blue paper chain flag you see in the photo was made by the students, and inside each link of the chain is written a word or prayer for our military.   
The second grade class understands that America is the home of the Free because of the Brave. We certainly enjoy countless freedoms in America - including the freedom to worship and live our lives devoted to Christ.
Thank you Veterans!  We salute you!
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Kindergarten Salvations

October 08, 2015
By Patty Lewis

Last spring, seventeen kindergarten students accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. You are most likely picturing a classroom full of students praying the prayer of salvation together, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Covenant teachers know the seriousness of the decision to follow Christ.  It is the most important decision students will ever make, so teachers want to be certain they fully understand what they are doing.

Beginning with the very first Bible lesson on the first day of the 2014-15 school year, kindergarten students began learning that everyone makes bad choices, and bad choices are called sin.  As the year progressed, teachers read Bible stories and scripture and shared the rich truths found in them.  Reading the Easter Story was perfectly timed to coincide with the Easter holiday.  Partnering Easter activities and Sunday school lessons at church with conversations and holiday preparations at home, students continued learning Easter's full meaning in the classroom.
Kindergarten teachers Anne Patterson and Wendy Hoot use multiple resources to explain the Easter Story, but making Resurrection Eggs has proven to be a favorite way to beautifully demonstrate its full meaning.  By the end of the project, both teachers were surprised at the kindergarteners’ depth of’ understanding.  Being mindful of Mark 10:14 which says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.", Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Hoot suspended the study of regularly scheduled Bible curriculum in favor of ABEKA’s “Salvation Stories”.  The five-day series focuses on heaven, Adam and Eve’s first sin, Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection on the third day, and who the Holy Spirit is and how He helps us grow as Christians.  At the end of the week-long study, Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Hoot visited with students individually and found several wanted to pray and ask Jesus into their hearts.  
“You know, sometimes adults think young children are not ready to fully accept Christ,” acknowledged Mrs. Patterson, “but we forget they have far less baggage and rightly believe everything written in the Bible is true."  She went on to explain that those of us who find Christ when we are older sometimes have a more difficult time because we want to hold on to old habits and wrong thought patterns.  Our level of trust and growth are affected. If a child understands what he or she is doing, Mrs. Patterson believes we should not discourage them. Usually, a child’s level of trust runs deep, so faith is simple.  Mrs. Patterson declared, "What a fabulous way to begin a relationship with our Heavenly Father!”
Matthew 11:25 beautifully states, “At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.”  Some students prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts with Mrs. Patterson or Mrs. Hoot in the classroom, and some prayed with their parents at home.  One student accepted Christ as he prayed with his older sister in the waiting area of a hair salon. Of the seventeen students who prayed to accept Christ, five were later baptized at their churches.
God is gracious to offer salvation anywhere, anytime, and at any age.  Whether a Covenant student accepts Christ as a child, teenager, or as an adult, seeds will have been planted and truth will have been taught all along the way. When a student is ready, he or she will know beyond a shadow of a doubt the decision is real. The decision is life-changing and lifelong.  
Afterall, the decision is why we enroll our children at Covenant.

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6th Graders Get A Taste of Ecuador

September 30, 2015
By Sonya Kerr



Mrs. Kerr's 6th grade class had a culminating event after finishing the book Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer.  The book is about five missionaries that were killed by the Waorani Indians when they were trying to share the gospel with them.

The 6th graders had the opportunity to experience some of the tastes from Ecuador; a sweet pudding drink called "Morocho", plantain chips, and an Ecuadorian soup.  The reactions were positive..."I could live in Ecuador, I love their food"!

The students compared and contrasted Ecuadorian foods with our foods in the U.S. on a Venn Diagram.

Our Second Graders Are Given A Very Special Award

September 04, 2015
By Covenant Christian School
At chapel this past Wednesday morning, the 2014-15 first grade class was honored to receive an American flag that flag flew over the United States Army Corps of Engineers Transatlantic Afghanistan District Headquarters, Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan during OPERATION FREEDOM'S SENTINEL. 
The beautifully framed flag and military certificate were presented in appreciation for our first grade students sending Valentines and personal notes of encouragement to soldiers stationed at the base. 


During the 2014-15 school year, Covenant's first grade class decided they wanted to write to our American soldiers for Valentine's Day.  Barbara Bledsoe, first grade teacher, located a military contact to whom the notes would be mailed.  Prior to mailing, students and teachers prayed over the notes and Valentines asking God to protect and bless our soldiers. They were mailed to Paul Fraser, Retired Communications Specialist, who continues to work with our military living on-base with the soldiers at Bagram Airfield.  He is also Uncle Paul to one of our Covenant families.

The notes and Valentines were distributed, and the soldiers were so appreciative.  (Some of our soldiers at Bagram Airfield never receive mail!)  To show their appreciation, the flag and certificate, beautifully mounted and matted inside a frame the soldiers made themselves, were mailed to our students (and presented at chapel).
We appreciate their thoughtfulness and their selfless service!  This story just goes to show that appreciation and thoughtfulness go a long way in today's world - literally and figuratively!  Students at Covenant will continue to pray for our military both at home and abroad - especially for those stationed at Bagram Airfield.
The photo included in this post is our first graders from last year.  Also included in the photo are their teachers; Barbara Bledsoe and Tami Campbell, and Elementary Principal, Sara Cummins).  

Cougars on a Mission

August 21, 2015
By Covenant Christian School

If you know much about our school, you know what amazing students we have.  This past summer several of our CCS students took part in serving our community here and around the world.  Here are two special kids that made an impact:

Second grader, Zell Ferro was able to help at the Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Center through his church, First United Methodist Church-Conroe this past summer. Zac joined in with other kids by collecting new shoes and food and then delivering them to the center.  They also organized the food in the food pantry.  While there, Zac and his family found out that a lot of people are given peanut butter and jelly but there was a need for bread to go along with these items.  Zac saw the need and decided that he and his family should try and take bread to the center every week!  Every Thursday their goal is to take in 20 loaves of bread to help make a difference in their community.  What a big effort by a great kid that saw a simple need.  Way to go Zac.  We are proud of you and your desire to be the hands and feet of Christ in serving others!

Eleventh grader, Cheney Emberg, was able to take a missions trip with Faith Bible Church last June to the Dominican Republic. While there they loved on the people in the village through Vacation Bible School, construction work, and door-to-door evangelism. Pictured below is Cheney with her sponsor child in Cotui, Dominican Republic.  What an incredible opportunity to share the love of Christ to others around the world. We are proud of you Cheney and your heart to serve others.

Do you have a CCS student that went on a missions trip this past summer?  Tell us about it by emailing

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