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The Holocaust Museum

September 14, 2015
By Shannon Fox

Last week our 8th & 10th graders took a tour of the Holocaust Museum in Houston.  Here are some of their unique responses of what they saw:


The pearly white gravestones of those who passed
Both overwhelmed and haunted me.
The air, heavy with heartbreak,
Consumed the room like fire in an evergreen forest.
Walking was a hassle, smiling was a hassle, and
Mourning quickly became the norm – for everyone-
Pictures loomed over me and quickly disabled me to think about
Anything else.
So many lost and so many ruined
With memories of death,
Darkness and smoke.
~Abby Winnier


A Holocaust Apology

I am saddened by the treatment of the Jewish race.
I can only imagine what they went through by the
Slime and degradation and aging present in each face.
As I look in absolute horror upon the torturous
Treatment they received,
I wonder why people were so blindly deceived.
The Jews had done nothing wrong, despite all those lies.
And I can’t help but apologize for all those closed eyes.
I wish they could have been helped through those long days and dreadful nights,
But instead, they were deprived of their God-given rights.
Now, I do not pretend to know how a death should be,
But these people should have been allowed
To die with dignity.
And with that, I submit my apology.
~Katie Boudreaux
Hitler, One Man, One Goal, to conquer
The whole world and make it his.
And how?
By making the world hate.  Hate Jews,
Hate what they do. 
How to conquer the world faster?
Youth.  Make the youth yours and
They will take any order from you.
Because they do not know any better.
Make camps, make jobs…
Show them the success they crave
And tell them they can get it in one way…
Give Hitler the world.
       ~Robert Fernandez

The Concentration Camp
by Jacob Ramey
The Man & Skull
by Josh Marvel



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