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AP LIT Adventures

September 16, 2015
By Shannon Fox
AP Lit students begin their study of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis by building bugs:

and writing transformation poems from the statement: 
“When I woke up one morning from unsettling dreams,
I found myself changed in my bed into a”…
Slippery Lochness Monster.
Cold and moist, I feel the air for liquid:
My skin rubbery and lethargic.
I roll over my majestic belly,
And let out a shrill:
My noodle-like head hits the roof.
Images pop in my mind like wet balloons on Tuesday:
Boats, harpoons, aura borealis
Vines, cliffs, cool breezes.
My lubricated skin hinders me.
I cry salty tears of loneliness.
I am the last one.
I am the last one.
~John Taylor
John Taylor's Slippery Lochness Monster
A Blue Blue Car
I found myself in my bed transformed into a…
Blue car
Completely stuck,
No one to drive me.
Stuck at a halt
Would you turn my key?
I need direction:
My only plea.
A personal reflection,
I need somewhere to be.
Just start my engine,
Set my GPS,
Turn my wheel,
And I’ll do the rest.
~Jonathan Martin
Spirit of the Bear
I raise my head and  lift my paw.
My face brushes against my claw.
My claw runs over the fur of my head.
Underneath, I hear the crack of the bed.
Then everything’s falling after a sharp crack.
I hit the ground and think, “man that was whack.”
I roll over onto my furry side
Taking out objects along with my pride.
I stand to my feet and feel my legs and their power.
All I want to do is play with a flower.
I don’t want to claw or hurt anyone.
I just want to roll around and play in the sun.
~Ross Oheldalski




John Taylor also blesses the class with a stellar performance as Gregor Samsa,
who has been transformed into a “monstrous vermin.” 

In this scene, Gregor opens the door to his bedroom for all the world to see. 
“Gregor clamped his jaws madly on the key with all the strength he could muster. 
Depending on the progress of the key, he danced around the lock; holding himself upright only by his mouth, he clung to the key, as the situation demanded, or pressed it down again with the whole weight of his body.”


"Pray for our advanced students as I force them to wrap their minds around sophisticated language and highly metaphorical literature.  They are working to receive college credit, and it is not easy."  - Mrs. Fox

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