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CCS Student's Poetry Makes Publication

March 31, 2016
By Covenant Christian School
Covenant is blessed with incredibly talented students and here is some exciting news on Kaylee N., a Sophomore at CCS.
Kaylee is especially gifted in writing and she was encouraged by her teacher, Mrs. Fox to send in some of her work to "Teen Ink" (a publication of accomplished teen writers).  
Her poems are featured online at Teen Ink and they are being considered for the monthly print edition.
Take a look at her poems linked below and join us in congratulating Kaylee.

A Memorable Day For Covenant Sophomore, Gabriel Smith

March 21, 2016
By Covenant Christian School

Below is an article written by our Sophomore, Gabriel Smith for "Navy Leaguer" Magazine.  We are proud of you Gabriel; your goals, your ambition, and your patriotism!

Sea Cadets Take Part in Wreath-laying Ceremony
By SA Smith, G USNSCC USS Sam Houston Division
Earlier this month, I was given the opportunity to attend a ceremony for the USS Houston, a CL/CA-30 cruiser referred to as the “Warship Houston (SSN 713).” Although I am a native Texan, I had never heard of this ship, so being invited definitely piqued my interest. I researched the USS Houston on the Internet and found the memorial site where the ceremony would be held, and then began to read about the Sailors who died during her sinking in the Sunda Strait on March 1, 1942, by the Japanese Navy. Some Sailors survived, but 700 out of 1,068 died. The survivors were then used as slave labor on the Burma Railway.
The Burma Railway, also known as the Death Railway, was a 258-mile railway between Ban Pong, Thailand, and Thanbyuzayat, Burma, built by the Empire of Japan in 1943 to support its forces in the Burma campaign of World War II. The monument in downtown Houston commemorates those Sailors who served and died on this legendary ship. This was a ceremony that I just had to attend.
After deciding to go, I realized my dress blues would need to be checked to make sure they were in pristine condition for the ceremony. Throughout the week, I spent time ironing my jumper and pants to get the exact creases that should be in every Navy dress blue. Pins were adjusted, and lint rollers were used. I re-rolled my neckerchief because it had started to look loose and unkempt. The Sunday before became shoe shining day. Lastly, I checked to see if my Dixie Cup was nice and white. With everything just so and squared away, no yellow cover for all to see would do! After a last inventory of my blues, I also made sure I got a haircut just for extra measure. This ceremony was an important one.
The memorial service was held on Tuesday, Feb. 23, so an extra plus for the day was that I got to be excused from classes in order to go. As my mom and I arrived at the city park, we immediately saw an obelisk much like that of a smaller Washington Monument with a large bell on top. It was really interesting to see. We headed over to get a better look and my Executive Officer, Lt. Barlow, explained where the bell on top of the pillar had come from. It was the very same bell that had been salvaged from the wreck of the USS Houston. The actual, real-life bell recovered from the Sunda Strait! This was exciting.
After a few minutes of reading each side of the monument, I noticed a few more people in dress blues walking toward us from across the street. This is when I began to feel nervous and stoked all at the same time. I recognized the uniforms of petty officers, a retired captain, a commander and a senior chief. I was then told that this was the crew of the current USS Houston. After the sinking of the warship Houston in 1942, in 1982 another USS Houston was commissioned to take her place. Instead of being a surface ship, however, the new USS Houston was a Los Angeles-class attack submarine.
I cannot explain how thrilled I was to know that I would be seeing her crew and watching them commemorate such a historic occasion. They had with them the wreath that was to be laid on the monument, and after a few more handshakes and introductions, the ceremony began. The next thing I knew, I, and the other Sea Cadet who was there were told that we would actually be laying the wreath onto the monument ourselves! The day just kept getting better and better in my opinion. The crew formed up adjacent to the monument and we lay the wreath down. The commander said a few words and the ceremony was concluded.
As the crew and the audience begin mingling together and talking, my shipmate and I begin talking to Chief of the Boat Paul McCroy. He thanked us for coming and handed each of us a coin. The coin was about an inch in diameter and was very striking in the way it looked. The Chief then explained to us that this was a “challenge coin.” Challenge coins are normally presented by Unit Commanders in recognition of special achievement by a member of the unit … and a COB had just given us each one to keep!
My shipmate and I were also given the opportunity to speak to each member of the crew, and then to the actual Commander of the current USS Houston, Cmdr. Scott McGinnis. He talked to us about what the Navy is looking for in recruits today and what we could do now to help prepare us for the future. It was an amazing privilege to get tips from someone such as him, and to realize he had taken time to speak to young Cadets.
Leaving the memorial, it dawned on me that I had just taken part in a historical event. I had gotten to meet the last crew of the USS Houston at the same place where the first crew of the USS Houston is remembered. My fellow Cadet and I even got to lay the wreath down ourselves under the instructions of the Commander of the Houston. Three generations, so to speak, were represented that day: the men of the original warship, the crew of the current submarine and Cadets who may have a place in the Navy in a few years’ time. I am overjoyed that pictures were taken of the day, and I will keep both the challenge coin that was given to me by the COB and the challenge that I felt to serve my country well as have these men before me.
Photo courtesy of LT Barry Barlow, NSCC
From the left: USS Sam Houston Division Cadets SN Layne and SA Smith stand with Cmdr. Scott McGinnis, the CO of the USS Houston (SSN 713) at the recent wreath-laying ceremony.


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Senior Spotlight: Alex Holsem

March 03, 2016
By Jackie Holsem

I recently read a quote by an unknown person that said “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open”.   I immediately thought of my eldest child, Alexandra Rae Holsem, and how much this quote applies to her.  For as long as I can remember, she’s always had a love for traveling and all its sights and wonders.  Alex was born in Paris, France on May 14, 1998 while we were on an overseas assignment with the company her dad works for.  I guess that gave her a head start and our family took full advantage of the proximity to other nearby European countries during the 5 years we lived in France.  By the time Alex was a year old she had traveled to 11 countries with us.  If you could see Alex’s bedroom, it reflects a little bit of the globe.  On a wall of her room she has a large map of the world with a pushpin placed at the 25 countries she has had the privilege of traveling to.  She and her sister, Veronica, are always looking a year ahead and planning our next family adventure.  Alex considers herself very blessed to savor the many experiences and joys that travelling has afforded us. 

While Alex has a love for traveling, she also has another love – MUSIC.  You can always find her at her piano in our music room at home or with a guitar in hand, singing and composing.  She’s had the opportunity to perform at CCS’s talent show each year since she’s been at Covenant.  Alex attends Sara Kelly Music School in The Woodlands, where she started off taking piano lessons.  She was invited to join Sara’s songwriting class which she has been attending for 3 years now.   This year she has advanced to teaching songwriting to younger students and considers it an incredible blessing that she gets paid to do something she loves.  Alex enjoys using her creative energies writing songs and has composed about 30 songs to date.  Through this songwriting class Alex has been given the opportunity to perform at a few local venues.   She was invited last year to perform at Capitol Music Studios – Christian division in Nashville Tennessee.  The music school is assisting her in making her first EP album of 3 songs which she will be releasing this summer.  The outpouring of support for her and her music from many people has been humbling.

Alex has been a student at Covenant Christian School for 4 ½ years after having moved to Texas from Michigan.  During her time at CCS she’s been captain of varsity cheerleading, President of Spanish Club, Key Club ambassador and a member of the National Honor Society.  She won one of the 3 scholarships given to CCS seniors by the Spirit of Texas Bank and recently a scholarship given by the Montgomery County Performing Arts Society.  Alex’s plan is to study chemistry in college to pursue a career in medical research.  She’s applied to and was recently accepted into the Chemistry Program at the University of Limerick in Ireland, Sam Houston State University, Texas A&M, The University of Glasgow in Scotland and the University of Texas.  Though she has not decided which offer she will accept, our prayer is that God will guide her exactly where HE wants her to be.


Senior Spotlight: Maddie Ream

December 09, 2015
By Covenant Christian School (written by Tish Ream)

You know the phrase, “My child has been {insert activity} since birth…”?  It’s no secret that CCS Senior, Maddie Ream, was reported ‘kicking to the beat’ of Christmas songs nearly a month  before her January 17th birthday in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  And before you could say ‘ballerina,’ this bayou baby’s first steps quickly spun into toddler twirls on her tiptoes!    

While her formal ‘study’ of dance began at age 3, Maddie has entertained countless relatives, friends, neighbors and classmates by performing song and dance combinations at home, family reunions, studio recitals, seasonal shows, dance competitions, and in several junior high and high school productions. You can bet your two­step that if there is space available, this girl will twirl!    

Maddie earned several performance accolades, including a place on the Senior Competition team at Backstage Dance Studio, as well as a coveted Platinum Award for her solo, “Run” this past April. She currently reigns as the 2015 Montgomery County Performing Arts Society Mardi Gras Queen, an honor which also included a $3000 scholarship. In her ‘junior’ years, Maddie performed in several Excelsior Ballet productions including, “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” and “Antshillvania”. She also held roles in “Oliver Twist” and “Dear Edwina Junior” at the American School of Doha, Qatar.    

If you ask, Maddie will quickly tell you what an honor it has been to use her gift of dance at CCS. Her cheerleading instruction began in 8th grade under Coach Diane Severson, and she now leads the Varsity Cheer Team under the supervision of Coach Angela Howard. Her junior year, Mrs. Shannon Fox graciously choreographed a beautiful artistic opportunity entitled, “Mad World,” which Maddie performed during the class production of “The Prince and the Pauper.”

But before you judge Maddie by the pink on her pointe shoes, don’t forget her other passion ­ athletic training.  When not cheering the Cougars on the sidelines, she’s stretching, wrapping, and icing our ailing athletes. Maddie has dearly loved her role as the athletic trainer for the CCS Varsity Football team, and knew by the middle of her sophomore year that she would pursue a degree in athletic training/sports rehabilitation. You can imagine the excitement when Maddie learned this past November that she received a generous scholarship to study at Baylor University in Fall 2016.   

And while it’s a matter of months before she claims a Waco address, a few opportunities still remain to watch this lovely dancer locally. You are invited to Maddie’s final Nutcracker Ballet performance with Backstage Dance Company at 2pm* and 5:30pm this Saturday, December 12th at Conroe High School. *Please note that she will dance the role of ‘Evil Mouse Queen’ during the 2pm performance. Tickets are available at the door ($15) or online ($10) at​ .    

A Dancer’s Prayer
Dear Lord, ever at my side  
Be there today, my feet to guide.  
Help me dance high, and light, and free,  
So everyone will be proud of me.
May the judges be fair  
And the stages be spacious.  
In winning and losing let me be gracious,  
So that every dance  
I’ll remember with pride.  
And Lord, please always keep my pointe shoes tied!  



Sophomores Creatively Enjoying Their Assignment

December 09, 2015
By Shannon Fox

The Sophomores follow "Gene" from "A Separate Peace" in his desire to dress and feel like his friend and hero.  From Gatsby to Lucille Ball.  From Sadie Robinson to Slash.  From Tai Lopez to Captain America...we all enjoyed becoming someone else... even if for one day!

See more highlights here!

What's Happening To The Junior Play?

October 29, 2015
By Shannon Fox

Santa in Sherwood Forest?

Batgirl & Supergirl are the

Sheriff of Knottingham's wife and daughter?

The Joker loves Maid Mario?

Come watch these characters transform back into the cast

of our Junior Play performing Robin Hood

on November 18th & 19th

at the Crighton Theatre in downtown Conroe.


November 18 at 12:30 p.m.
November 19 at 12:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
Tickets:  $5.00 for students   $7.00 for adults
(Chaperones for matinees get in free)

Texian Heritage Festival

October 21, 2015
By Covenant Christian School

Our Secondary Art Teacher, Mrs. Peverill is the vice president of a local art league. Each year the league participates in the Texian Heritage Festival in Montgomery at the Fernwood Historical Park.  This year's event took place last Saturday, October 17th

At the Festival, the art league has a big art display and invites visitors to participate in a community painting on the history of the area. This year the title of the piece was "Steaming Through History" featuring a steam train loaded with logs and a saw mill .

It's a 4'x5' canvas:

(Mrs. Peverill will be bringing the canvas to school for the art department to complete.)
The following year the piece is then auctioned off and the proceeds go to organizations that the festival chooses. Last year her monument project in Cedar Break park was one of the recipients. Mrs. Peverill offered the opportunity to help at the Texian Heritage Festival this year to her students.  Three girls spent a good part of the day helping Mrs. Peverill with the visitors teaching them how to apply the paint to the canvas for the community painting.  They had a wonderful time.  We are proud of our Cougars & Mrs. Peverill!!

Senior Spotlight - Ross Ohendalski

September 22, 2015
By Covenant Christian School
We are so proud of our Senior
Ross Ohendalski, 
a Life Scout
that is working to obtain his
Eagle Scout Rank.

Montgomery County Historical Commission's Youth Advisory Board (YAB) member Ross Ohendalski is making great strides with his Eagle Scout Project--the cleanup of the historic Richard Williams Cemetery east of Willis.  Ross began working on the site on September 12th and will finish this Saturday, September 26th.  

With the help of fellow YAB members Robert Lynch and John Taylor, also seniors at Covenant Christian H S, Ross has installed a granite protective base path around the line of historic family cemetery headstones and cleaned the headstones with a D2  stone cleaner.  

After completion, he must present the completed Eagle Scout project to BSA Council and National for approval, and meet with several BSA Council and Troop leaders before he is awarded rank advancement to Eagle Scout.  This will be a month-long process.

History on the Richard Williams Cemetery:
Richard Williams fought in the Texas Revolution in 1834-1835, served as a captain in The Somerville Expedition to repel invading a Mexican army in 1842, and served as a Montgomery County Commissioner about 1849.  He was also one of the signers of a petition in 1837 to create Montgomery County.

Ross appreciates the financial support of the Chaparral Genealogical Society in Magnolia, Richard Molk, and the Montgomery County Historical Commission.
Source: Larry L. Foerster,  Chairman

The Holocaust Museum

September 14, 2015
By Shannon Fox

Last week our 8th & 10th graders took a tour of the Holocaust Museum in Houston.  Here are some of their unique responses of what they saw:


The pearly white gravestones of those who passed
Both overwhelmed and haunted me.
The air, heavy with heartbreak,
Consumed the room like fire in an evergreen forest.
Walking was a hassle, smiling was a hassle, and
Mourning quickly became the norm – for everyone-
Pictures loomed over me and quickly disabled me to think about
Anything else.
So many lost and so many ruined
With memories of death,
Darkness and smoke.
~Abby Winnier


A Holocaust Apology

I am saddened by the treatment of the Jewish race.
I can only imagine what they went through by the
Slime and degradation and aging present in each face.
As I look in absolute horror upon the torturous
Treatment they received,
I wonder why people were so blindly deceived.
The Jews had done nothing wrong, despite all those lies.
And I can’t help but apologize for all those closed eyes.
I wish they could have been helped through those long days and dreadful nights,
But instead, they were deprived of their God-given rights.
Now, I do not pretend to know how a death should be,
But these people should have been allowed
To die with dignity.
And with that, I submit my apology.
~Katie Boudreaux
Hitler, One Man, One Goal, to conquer
The whole world and make it his.
And how?
By making the world hate.  Hate Jews,
Hate what they do. 
How to conquer the world faster?
Youth.  Make the youth yours and
They will take any order from you.
Because they do not know any better.
Make camps, make jobs…
Show them the success they crave
And tell them they can get it in one way…
Give Hitler the world.
       ~Robert Fernandez

The Concentration Camp
by Jacob Ramey
The Man & Skull
by Josh Marvel



Sophomore Study of the Holocaust

September 03, 2015
By Shannon Fox
These creative pieces came from the sophomore study of the Holocaust.  This study included reading a novel, a short story, some poetry, and watching several film clips.  For this exercise, I asked the students to respond to a ten minute clip from the movie Band of Brothers. 
As an English teacher, I continually tell my students they must have a voice in this world.  I am here to make sure their voices will be heard.  In our time, we are still experiencing holocausts of one kind and another.  Imagine my complete delight when I see writing as impactful as these samples below, and these are just a few.  Think what these kids can do for His Kingdom.
From an American Soldier’s Perspective:
I came to the gates and all I saw were the faces.  Face after face, each with a different but same story.  There were no bodies, just skin and bones- pits of burning remains of what used to be living souls.  I gave everything I had even though I just wanted to stare.  A man, no wait, an empty body with nothing but bones and skin, ran up to me and started to cry as he reached for me.  I wanted to pull away; I abstained, for if I did, he would have fallen and never gotten back up.  Something in me took over, and I hugged him, hard.  I might have crushed every bone in his body, but he did not care.  For on this day, we both saw life for the first time in a long war.  ~ Jacob Casey
The figures standing there were not human; they lost their humanity long ago.  When we opened the gates, the ghostly shades lingered.  I had thought they would run to freedom, but the worst part was they hardly moved as if the thought of moving might break their skinny arms and legs.  I walked further in and saw one figure hold what looked to be his mother…dead.  The son cried tears I will never forget.  We joined with the commander at the railroad.  He opened a car and ten dead figures dropped out.  We should have been here; they should not have suffered this way.  I went to comfort my comrade, and on my way, an old man, barely able to move, saluted me.  I saluted him saying you are safe now.  The ghost of my friend sits next to a fire, his face as pale as the prisoners. ~Bryant Dockray
I sit here, lost in this burned, black wasteland.  Surrounded by the pain and death of the innocent.  Lost and drowning in the treacherous and bone chilling sea of hate and neglect left by these monsters.  I want to help; I reach out to save those who bob and sink beside me, but I get yanked into the depths again.  I’m cold…not just my body but my soul too.  I have no fight left, yet I am surrounded by those who have fought their last.  Their pain becomes mine, overwhelming me, suffocating me…crushing me.  Yet, the broken, abandoned, and anguished still continue to survive, not live, just survive.  I sit here waiting for a signal, a flare, anything that gives me direction, any way to help.  Until then, I ride the waves lost in sorrow, staring at the flame before me but only seeing darkness.  ~Kaylee Nabors
Covenant’s English classes 8 and 10 will attend Houston Holocaust Museum next Wednesday, September 9.  Please pray for our journey through this museum; it is certain to make an emotional impact on our students.


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