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Learning to a Higher Power





"Covenant Christian School has been an answer to our prayers.  Christian education is important to us, and we have found that our child is both challenged and loved by the teachers at Covenant.  The faculty, student body, and parents accepted our entire family and made us part of theirs."

- James & Melisa A.



"There are many things to like at Covenant. One of them is that the older kids are very friendly and supportive toward the younger ones. We also love the football program and how the coaches watch out for the player's well-being. The final thing is that the staff of Covenant are very helpful and friendly."  

- Quinn & Karen H.



"When we came to Covenant, there was such a genuine warmth, kindness, and acceptance from all the teachers and staff.  And the students seemed so eager to welcome new kids!  It was like they just absorbed our sons into a giant student family right from the beginning!  Everyone in the Covenant family – the leadership, the teachers and staff, the students, and the parents – consistently demonstrate such a humble and loving spirit, and there is an amazing desire to strive for excellence both in education and spiritual development.”                                                                            - Jace & Marley H.






"After praying for years on where to send our children to school God has led us to Covenant and we couldn't be happier. I love when my son gets in the truck and tells me he learned about the Fruit of The Spirit or tells me who they prayed for in class that day."                                                            - Justin & Christi E.



"Covenant has been on our wish list for our children since our first daughter was born. Christian education is important to us because we want to them to be surrounded by a Christian education and reinforcing what we are teaching at home. We have been so pleased by the staff at Covenant. The way each situation,good or bad, has been dealt with had been so encouraging. We are so thankful for the programs our children are exposed to and the extras that are offered but most of all we are so thankful for the teachers that truly love on them like they are their own children. We would recommend Covenant to anyone and everyone.  

- Boardman & Lindsay M.





“When moving to North Montgomery County 10 years ago, we presumed that our kids would attend the public schools. At the recommendation of a friend, we toured Covenant and applied for enrollment. WE ARE STILL HERE and in our 7th year! Covenant has been a true blessing to us. Through all the crazy things that life can throw your way, Covenant has been an encouragement and a reminder that we are all in this together and we are to support and love one another. Not to mention, the education is pretty awesome also!"                               - Jessica L.