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Learning to a Higher Power


Why Covenant?

February 16, 2017
By Dr. Glenn Slater

The older I get the more my convictions grow about Christian education. I started as a teacher in the 1980s thinking that Christian schools were a nice alternative for families. Over the past 3 decades, our world and nation have changed drastically. We are living in a post-modern culture that sees truth as relative, defines the family as fluid, sees religion as a matter of private choice that must remain silent in the public arena, believes in a hedonistic lifestyle saturated by sex, and views children as dispensable inconveniences that can be aborted. Education has become a matter of state control guided by mutable societal norms.

So, now this old administrator has come to see that Christian education is no longer a nice alternative but rather an absolute necessity. We are sending our children out to world that mocks our faith and is openly hostile to Jesus Christ. We are sending our children off to a cultural war someday. How well prepared do you want them to be? Is there any price tag that can be placed on embedding the truths of God's word on their hearts? Our children will be spending almost 10X more time at school each week than they do at church. As they get older, they will spend more time at school with their teachers and peers than they do with their parents. Who will be influencing them and what will be their philosophy?

Well, why Covenant? With the changing of our mission statement this year, CCS has made the bold decision to raise a distinctive generation committed to the preeminence of Christ in all aspects of life and culture. Will our academics strive toward excellence and college prep? Absolutely. Will we seek to have a stimulating extra-curricular program that works toward developing a love for sports and the fine arts? Unquestionably.

Most importantly, Covenant Christian School wants to seek the preeminence of Christ in all these things! Yes, we want to produce young men and women who are well educated and well rounded. most of all, we want to produce students who love Jesus Christ, have an intimate relationship with Him, and possess a mentality and worldview that will impact this world and their eternal destiny.

We appreciate so much the sacrifices you make to send your children to Covenant and consider it an honor to partner with you.

Is there any sacrifice more important than one for the hearts and minds of the children God has entrusted to us?

We hope you will join us in 2017-2018 - there are exciting days ahead for Covenant Christian School!!