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Learning to a Higher Power



The Music Department of Covenant Christian School is an award-winning program of music performance and education. Beginning with twenty students, Covenant's Praise Group (CPG) has grown to almost fifty students.  The choir is led by our gifted Choir Director, Lisa Hassler, and has been awarded multiple top rankings at TAPPS, ACSI and TPSMEA state choir competitions.

With a commitment to excellence, the choir works hard learning technical aspects of music but is taken further as Mrs. Hassler helps them communicate the message within the music. Performances have included: Covenant's Legacy Banquet, the local National Day of Prayer observation, Christmas and Spring Concerts and various civic clubs and churches.  Please let us know if you have any choral opportunity for CPG to be included in your next event.

Every other year, Mrs. Hassler leads CPG to New York where choir students sing with an audition chosen Mass choir at Carnegie Hall. This auditioned choir is composed of students from Christian high schools throughout the United States.  This is a trip that CPG has been a part of since 1998.

Music education and performance begins with Covenant's elementary grades led by Mrs. Virginia Cutbirth.   During these formative years, students learn note recognition, rhythm and music history, and music background. The choirs perform at Grandparents’ Day, Christian Heritage Day, Spring Concert, and Christmas Concert.  The Junior High group is presented challenging music and performs along with CPG at various school concerts throughout the school year.

Music is considered a gift from God through which we present back to Him our praise.   Covenant’s Music Department’s goal is to recognize that gift, refine it and use it to bring honor and glory to our God.

Covenant's Praise Group placed 2nd at this year's TAPPS State Music Competition!