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Learning to a Higher Power



The Covenant Christian School Visual Arts Department is dedicated to instruction that encourages student art work that reflects the beauty and order found in God’s Creation. Our award winning program is based on the core elements of art which are;  line, shape, form, texture, value and color in accordance with the unifying principles of repetition, harmony, contrast, balance and proportion. Because these elements reflect the character and works of God, the Visual Arts serve as an important part of educating the whole Christian. By studying Art through a Christian world view, students are pointed to God, the Creator, as he manifests Himself in the handiwork of all His creation.

Students within the CCS art program are provided with a variety of opportunities to explore many mediums of art such as: tempera, watercolor and acrylic paint, collage, clay and 3D sculpture, color pencil, crayon, chalk and oil pastel, paper crafts and photography.

In addition to art production, the students will gain knowledge of art as it relates to World History, global events and diverse cultures. Prehistoric, Renaissance, Baroque, Nineteenth Century and Twentieth Century are just a few of the historical periods that are studied.   A focus is made on the Art Masters and their techniques as they relate to their time and place in art history.

CCS art students in grades K-12 have the wonderful opportunity to compete with their art each year at the ACSI sponsored ARTFEST. Artwork from each grade level is selected to represent our school at the regional festival. In addition to ARTFEST, CCS student artwork has competed and placed in many prestigious competitions such as the Montgomery County Fair Art Show and The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum Art Competition.