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School Clinic

Angela Howard, School Nurse



The CCS clinic provides health services to students, staff and faculty. 
A student who becomes ill at school will be sent to the clinic for evaluation.  If the student needs to be sent home, the school will contact parents by phone.  A student will be sent home if he has the symptoms listed in the paragraph below.  All students, regardless of age, must follow the proper procedures and are not allowed to contact parents directly.
A student will be sent home from school for the following medical reasons:
  • Fever of 100 or greater
  • Rash of  unknown origin
  • Suspected conjunctivitis “pink eye”
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

In consideration for the health of other students and teachers, your student should be free of fever, vomiting and diarrhea for 24 (without medication) before returning to school. 

Communicable Disease:  Students who have a communicable disease such as chicken pox, impetigo, conjunctivitis “pink eye”, scabies, or an undiagnosed rash must be excluded from school until treatment is underway.  Please refer to your physician for diagnosis.  Please report any confirmed diagnosis to the clinic.

Medical Conditions: Please keep the clinic informed of changes in your child’s health, allergies, limitations, injuries, etc.

An Asthma & Allergy Action Plan form must be on file in the clinic for students requiring an inhaler or epi-pen.

Administering Medication:  By state law, students are NOT allowed to carry any medication on their person unless they have written permission from their doctor on file in the clinic.  This includes all over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Parents are responsible for providing all medication, including (but not limited to) Tylenol and cough drops.  All medication must be provided in its original container and will be administered through the clinic.  A record will be kept of all medication on file for a family with the Student Medicine form. The classroom teacher will not administer medication but will treat minor cuts and scrapes.

Parents must bring prescription to the clinic, labeled with the student’s name and instructions on administering the medicine.  Please include the duration of time each prescription should be administered. A record will be kept for all prescription medication on file for a family with the Student Medicine form.

Immunizations:  By state law, students must meet immunization requirements set forth by The Texas Department of State Health Services. The state reviews the requirements each year and can make changes from year to year.  Specific information for immunizations and exemptions can be found at DSHS TX Immunize. Parents must insure your student’s record is up to date.

Screenings:  CCS conducts annual hearing, distance acuity vision, and scoliosis screenings as required by The Texas Department of State Health Services.  Parents will be notified in writing if a student is referred for a professional evaluation.  Hearing and Visions screenings are required for students in grades PK, K, 1, 3, 5, 7 and for all new students.  Scoliosis screening is required of students in grades 6 and 9.

Together we can help every child enjoy a happy, healthy school year.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.  Please do not hesitate to call (936) 890-8080, if you any questions or concerns.

This information can also be found in our elementary and secondary student handbooks.