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Learning to a Higher Power



The Endowment funds will receive gifts in various forms, such as:

Cash:  giving a cash gift, you can assure the Endowment Fund of immediate investment income, a portion of which will be used to provide ongoing income to Covenant Christian School.

Memorials:  you can make a gift to the Endowment Fund in memory of a loved one which will be utilized for the promotion of Christian Education at Covenant Christian School for years to come.

Life Estate Contract:  donating real estate (home or land), you retain full use of the property until death.

Will Bequest:  when preparing or revising your will you can make provisions for the Endowment Fund in several ways with complete confidentiality.

Life Insurance:  by naming the Covenant Christian School as a beneficiary, you can practice Christian stewardship with a substantial gift at death by means of small contributions during your lifetime.

Life Income Agreements:  you can enter into a gift arrangement where you receive a life income and a current income tax deduction for a portion of the gift.

Child Named Charity:  you can give an equal share to charity in your will or living trust to that received by each of your children.

Taxable Estate Given to Charity:  all amounts which exceed the estate Tax Exclusion amount go to charity rather than being taxed at a 41-60% rate